You Can Watch These Netflix Shows With Spatial Audio

Netflix Logo on Pixel 6

Spatial audio is one of those technologies that really boost the video-watching experience, and it’s a sought-after feature. Now, the streaming giant Netflix is implementing spatial audio into some of its original shows.
This comes after the company had to lay off 300 of its employees.

If you don’t know what spatial audio, then you might want to if you like to immerse yourself into the content. Spatial audio actually changes the audio you hear based on your head’s position. If you’re looking in one direction, you’ll hear the audio one way. However, as you turn your head, the audio will change to match your head movements.

Say, you’re watching a movie with a crowd on the left side of the screen, you’ll hear the crowd on your left. However, if you turn your head toward the left, the audio will change to make it sound like the crowd is in front of you.


Netflix adds spatial audio to some of its original shows

There’s good news and bad news with this new spatial audio addition. For starters, Netflix introduced spatial audio of iOS devices earlier this year, but it’s now available for more people. According to XDA Developers, the company partnered with Sennheiser to convert their surround sound mixes into spatial audio. You’ll be able to hear the spatial audio using any pair of headphones or any stereo.

Now, for the bad news. The aforementioned head tracking technology will not be available with this version of spatial audio. The head tracking requires the proper hardware in the headphones. Even if you’re using headphones with the technology, you won’t have access to the feature.

Right now, you can hear the spatial audio with a limited selection of content on Netflix (and they’re only Netflix originals). It’s available for the fourth season of Stranger Things (no surprise there), Red Notice, and The Witcher. As time goes on, the spatial audio feature should make it to more shows and movies, so you should keep an eye out for that.