We Get A Glimpse Of Motorola's 200MP Phone

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We’re in the middle of a megapixel war now among Android OEMs. It seems that companies are trying to squeeze as many megapixels into their phones’ cameras as possible. Now, we have a glimpse of the 200MP camera on the upcoming Motorola X30 Pro.

The latest SoCs are starting to allow for 200MP camera sensors. While this is true, most OEMs have shied away from using anything close to that in their phones. Most phones avoid putting sensors above 100MP in their phones, actually. Most use between 48MP and 64MP cameras.

But the Motorola X30 could use a 200MP camera

Let’s face it, Motorola is not a company known for its phones’ camera capabilities. This is why it’s a bit surprising that the company is so eager to launch a 200MP phone on the market.


On the popular Chinese social media site Weibo, a user leaked an image that shows the Motorola X30’s camera module. In all honesty, it looks like what we’d see on a Xiaomi 12’s camera package. The back of the phone is made of white glass, and the camera module looks to be made from metal.

The module is split into three sections with the flash sitting on the side with its own little section. The main camera lens takes up the biggest section, and the accompanying two cameras are below it.

The other bit of information we could glean from this image is the aperture of the main camera: It’s F/2.2. Other than that, there’s nothing else we can get from the image.


Motorola x30 pro 200mp camera

Even since this is a 200MP camera, you can bet that there’s going to be some serious pixel-binning with this sensor. Otherwise, the pictures will come out extremely dark.

We know some of the camera specs for the Motorola X30 Pro, and we can expect the other specs to be premium. We’ll need to wait for more information on this phone to come out.