The Meta Quest 2 Just Got A Lot More Expensive

Meta Quest 2

The barrier to entry for VR can be steep sometimes, and that’s what drives some people away from it and the Metaverse as a whole. When it comes to standalone headsets, the prices can be a bit more manageable, but there are exceptions. One such exception is the Meta Quest 2 which just got a price increase.

Right now, it’s not a great time for tech. Companies are struggling to get products out due to supply chain issues. They’re also struggling to keep their products’ prices down to a reasonable level. For example, Samsung’s next foldable devices are expected to also jump in price.

The Meta Quest 2 will have a $100 price increase

People looking to Meta for their foray into the Metaverse might not be happy with this next bit of news. According to UploadVR, the starting price for the Meta Quest has jumped $100. What started as a $299 headset is now $399. That’s for the 64GB model. The 128GB model has jumped from $399 to $499.


Now, this might be a bummer to most people, but here’s something to make the whole thing better: Beat Sabar. In order to assuage the whole ordeal, Meta is now throwing in the hit rhythm game for free.

The price jump doesn’t only affect new devices

If you’re turned away by the price for a new shiny new device, you won’t find much luck with refurbished devices. That’s right, even refurbished Meta Quest 2 units saw a price increase. Getting a refurbished 64GB model will cost you $349, and a refurbished 128GB model will run you $449. Also, if you get a refurbished model, you will not get Beat Sabar thrown in.

So, there’s no doubt that this will upset people. A $100 price jump on a device that’s been on the market is outlandish. Meta said that this price increase was because of the rise in manufacturing and shipping costs.


Not only that, but the company also said that this will help with its research for future VR ventures. For example, there’s its upcoming Project Cambria.

The thing is that a price increase only helps if people actually buy the device. It’s hard to believe that people will want to buy a device (a two-year-old device, mind you) with a $100 markup.