Huawei CEO Believes Samsung Would Trail Apple & Huawei If Not For The US Ban

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It’s not exactly a secret that the US ban hurt Huawei’s business, quite a bit. The company was flying high in the global smartphone market order, it was on the way to conquer all. That changed due to the ban, though. Well, Huawei’s CEO had something interesting to say, as he believes Samsung would trail both Apple and Huawei at this point, if not for the US ban, reports Phone Arena.

Huawei CEO thinks Samsung would trail both Apple & Huawei if not for the US ban

The company’s CEO, Richard Yu, said the following: “If it weren’t for the US’s intervention and suppression of [Huawei], the world’s major mobile phone manufacturers might be Huawei and Apple”.

He also added: “Others are small manufacturers, including the Korean company (Samsung), which may be mainly sold in the US and South Korea markets”. He went as far as not actually saying the name of the company, Samsung.


We can only assume what would happen if Huawei didn’t get banned. Chances are it would still be very high in the pecking order. You have to remember that Samsung is still the number one smartphone OEM in the world, very much so.

We can’t know what would have happened. It seems like Huawei’s CEO believes Huawei would steal consumers from Samsung, though. He believes that Huawei had everything to do that, to take the Android crown, and push out Samsung.

Huawei did overtake Samsung, briefly, back in 2020

What is interesting, though, is that back in April 2020, Huawei actually surpassed Samsung to become the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer. By doing that, the company did, kind of, fulfill its promise from 2018.


The thing is, that market push was backed by excellent sales in China, following the US ban announcement. Things went downhill from there. If not for the US ban, though, who knows. Huawei was definitely on the right path.

Huawei is still pushing, though without access to Google’s Play Services, and some other limitations, a lot of users lost interest. That is a shame, though. Huawei’s smartphones are still quite compelling, and the company is doing a really good job with its own Android app store. The decline is understandable, though.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if the ban gets lifted. Nothing points in that direction at the moment, but who knows what will happen down the line.