Hand-On Video Shows LG's Killed-Off Rollable Phone

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Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 405 days, you’d know that LG no longer makes smartphones. However, before the company shut the division down, it was working on a phone with a rolling display. According to 9To5Google, a new hands-on video of that rollable LG phone just popped up.

This phone was rumored last year

Last year, before LG shut down its smartphone division, we were following rumors of a rollable device from the company. The Korean tech giant didn’t want to go the foldable phone route that was already being dominated by Samsung. Instead, it wanted to chart new territory in the rollable phone market.

However, these rumors were also mingling with the rumors that LG was to stop making phones. As you can see, ONE of those rumors came to fruition.


Anyway, shortly before LG shut down its phone division, the company delayed the phone indefinitely. Unfortunately, this phone was never able to see the light of day.

The LG rollable phone was shown off in a hands-on video

While this phone will never land in pockets, it’s only fair that we see what it was going to look like (and it looked really neat!). The video is pretty short, but it gets the point across.

Closed, the phone almost looks like an armor-plated LG Velvet. It’s tall and it has a curved display. The magic happens when you summon the side panel and press the “Full” button up top.


The phone will then expand horizontally into a small tablet. The screen expands a bit slowly, so it takes a few seconds for it to reach its full size. While the screen is expanding, we see the actual software expanding along with it. It struggles to sync up the hardware and software expansion just a bit.

However, there’s one neat thing to point out. An interesting thing that we saw with phones like the Oppo Find N and the LG Wing is that the wallpaper would change as the phone changed states. We see that with the LG rollable phone. In the first clip, we see a picture of a flower slowly bloom as the screen expanded.

The back of the phone is extremely reflective, and that’s another resemblance to the LG Velvet. We also see all of the camera sensors on the right side of the back panel.