Google Keep Lets You Drag Images To Other Apps

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Google Keep has been a useful note-taking app for Android users for a while. One of the best aspects of the service is its integration with other Android apps. According to 9To5Google, users can now drag images from Google Keep and drop them right into other apps.

This feature was announced during Google I/O this year. It’s a part of Google’s new push to make Android better for tablets. The feature lets you take an image you added to Google Keep, drag it over, and drop it into another app.

This could be really useful to move images from app to app without needing to hunt down the image in the other app. It really speeds things up when you’re in a pinch. Also, if you’re using a tablet, you’re most likely going to be using your apps in split-screen mode. Why not have the ability to move the app from screen to screen?


How to drag images from Google Keep

In order to use this feature, you’ll need to be in split-screen mode on your device. Also, you’ll need to make sure that the other app can take pictures. One good example is a new email in Gmail.

In Google Keep, tap and hold on the image that you want to move and simply drag it across the border into the other app. There should be some sort of indication in the other app that it’s accepting the image. For example, Gmail will show you a square telling you to drag and drop an image.

Even though this was born from Google’s ambition to make Android better on tablets, you can use this on phones. It will be a bit more cramped, of course. However, you can still drag and drop images from Google Keep using your phone.


This new feature should be rolling out, so you should be able to see it soon. If you want to check for the update, find Google Keep on the Play Store and see if you have the green Update button. If not, then you’ll want to wait a few days.