Google Is Working To Fix 'Continue Receiving Messages' Gmail Bug

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Gmail and Google Workspace enterprise users are reportedly encountering a new bug in the popular email client. Summarily the bug results in Gmail across both Google tiers continually asking if users would like to “continue receiving messages” from a sender.

Typically utilized to keep messages from ending up in Spam or being blocked outright, the message appears within a gray box at the top of the page. Within that box, users have the option to select either “yes” or “no,” with the latter stopping messages from a given sender.

The issue at hand, of course, is that the message is appearing even after some users make a selection. And, more prominently, for some users, it appears on every email or nearly every email. That’s as opposed to appearing only for those emails that Gmail should suspect users might want to halt. In fact, the message even appears for some Google Calendar alerts and for “known” or saved contacts.


When is Google going to fix this ‘continue receiving messages’ Gmail bug?

Now, as noted above, the scope of the issue is across effectively all of Gmail. So it’s impacting both standard free account users and those who have paid for Google’s enterprise offering. According to Google, it noted the issue chiefly between July sixth and seventh but the problem is still ongoing. And the company is actively investigating the issue.

However, there is no official word, as of this writing, as to when the company thinks it will be able to roll out a fix.

That a fix is not immediately available shouldn’t come as too big a surprise. This particular bug is primarily a visual glitch that doesn’t and won’t typically affect the usability of Google’s email service. At least not as bad as some other Google bugs. It also doesn’t appear to impact every user. So it’s not immediately clear what’s causing the problem. Although it will certainly be annoying enough and the message itself will take up valuable screen space for Gmail power users and enterprise customers.