Google Could Launch Pixel Buds Pro In More Diverse Colors

Pixel Buds Pro presser

Pixel Buds Pro is the latest product in the Pixel lineup that aim to be the AirPods of Android devices. These earbuds are currently available in Coral (salmon/orange), Fog (light blue with gray undertones), Charcoal (lighter gray), and Lemongrass (light yellow/green). However, Google seemingly had the chance to launch Pixel Buds Pro in more diverse and vivid colors.

According to the Pixel Buds companion app, Pixel Buds Pro could have some more colors.


While the current colors of Pixel Buds Pro are eye-catching enough for a pair of earbuds, adding more colors to the lineup could bring more options to the customers.


Pixel Buds Pro could launch in eight new colors

The eight new colors listed above for Pixel Buds Pro were all in the development stage. During the development process, many prototypes come under investigation. However, the final product might not be similar to what has been in the development stage.

Let’s scrutinize these mysterious codes and colors. The “Standard black” could be a darker version of the current Charcoal color for Pixel Buds Pro. Also, “Approx gray” could be a new shade of gray, and “Clear” could add a transparent look or translucent plastic to Pixel Buds Pro. The last color is “PROCELAIN,” which seems a bit weird because it can be the misspelling of porcelain, a ceramic material mostly found in China.

Google could also launch its Pixel Buds A-Series in two more colors. The Pixel Buds A-Series are now available in “Clearly White” and “Dark Olive.” However, the codes on the companion app suggest that these earbuds could come in “Blue” and “Black.”


Pixel Buds Pro currently offers more colors than its counterparts, and it’s unlikely that Google wants to add new color shades to its lineup. However, Google has always shown that it loves colorful products, and the mysterious colors mentioned here might add to the Pixel Buds Pro lineup in the future.