Get The Galaxy Z Fold 3 For Just $1,089 This Prime Day

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 AM AH 07

Foldable phones aren’t particularly cheap devices. Because of this, it’s great to know that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is on sale for only $1,089 at Amazon. This 39% discount is for Prime Day.

Samsung is set to release its new foldable phones sometime next month, but that does not mean that last year’s phones are old news. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was a really popular phone because it solved a lot of issues that plagued the previous two versions.

This is a notebook foldable that, when closed, has about the same footprint of a traditional phone (6.2 inches). However, when you unfold the phone, it’s about the size of a small tablet (7.6 inches). It’s excellent for watching videos, reading, typing, and other tablet tasks.


When it comes to power, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses the most powerful Snapdragon processor from last year, the Snapdragon 888. This came along with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of RAM. This made this phone one of the fastest on the market last year, and that processor will more than suffice today.

The camera package was one of the area that people complained about the most. This phone did use camera technology that’s a few years old at this point, they’re more than able to produce great pictures.

As for the software, you’ll have the latest version of Samsung’s One UI Android skin. It has all of the features you’ll find in a modern Samsung Galaxy phone. Not only that, but you’ll receive that latest software update from Samsung for the next several years.


If you’re worried about the durability of this phone, rest assured. For starters, Samsung uses ultra-thin glass for the display, so you don’t have to worry about denting the display with your nails. Also, the phone has an IP X8  rating for water resistance.

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