Galaxy Watch 6 Might Use Displays From Chinese Firm

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What is Samsung if not a display company? We know that the Korean giant puts its displays in its own devices (and other companies’ devices), but that might change with next year’s Galaxy Watch. According to Naver, Samsung could find a new supplier for its Galaxy Watch 6 displays.

Yes, it’s weird talking about the Galaxy Watch 6 stuff when we’re still following rumors on the Galaxy Watch 5. However, this could be a major shift for the company. We know that Samsung is avid about putting its own displays in its devices. It’s made a name for itself as the king of displays.

But another company could provide OLED displays for the Galaxy Watch 6

Reports from several business insiders confirm that Samsung reached out to another company to provide the displays for the company’s next premium smartwatch. The company is a Chinese-based firm named BOE. This company is the largest display producer in China.


The insiders were able to confirm that Samsung officially signed documentation and is in active collaborations with the company, so they’re working out key details about the production. They’re talking about subjects such as production time, thickness, etc.

Samsung Display was always the company that produced the displays for the watches, but BOE could manufacture either some or all of the displays for the next smartwatches.

It might not stop at the Galaxy Watch 6

Along with supplying displays for the Galaxy Watch 6, there’s also talk about BOE supplying displays for phones next year. Reports say that the company might also supply displays for foldable phones next year. That’s just speculation at this point, as anything that BOE will make will most likely launch more than a year from now.


If Samsung does look elsewhere for its displays, that will be a surprise to most people. This is the company that supplies OLED displays to most of the smartphones out there. We’ll just have to wait and see if this is part of a larger plan for the company.