Galaxy S23 Ultra May Not Get An Upgraded Telephoto Zoom Camera

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Samsung may not upgrade the telephoto zoom camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The company reportedly plans to stick with the same sensor found on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It is seemingly going by the proverb that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

According to a new report by Galaxy Club, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature a 10-megapixel telephoto zoom camera with 10X optical zoom. We don’t have detailed specs of the sensor Samsung would use. But it appears to be unchanged from this year’s Ultra model. The 10X zoom camera on the Galaxy S22 Ultra has an aperture of f/4.9 and offers dual-pixel PDAF (phase-detection autofocus) and OIS (optical image stabilization).

Of course, Samsung could improve the picture quality with software and processing optimizations. But, don’t expect further optical zooming capabilities. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though. 10X optical zoom is pretty good for a smartphone. The Korean firm has offered a 10X optical zoom since the Galaxy S21 Ultra last year, and there’s no need for it to upgrade to an untested territory next year just for the sake of it.


The Ultra model of Samsung’s Galaxy S series flagships also features a second optical zoom camera, a 3X unit. While we don’t yet have concrete information about if it sees any changes on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, there’s little hope. The company may once again stick to the same 10-megapixel sensor as on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

That’s because the 3X optical zoom camera is usually found across the Galaxy S lineup. Prior reports have revealed that the vanilla Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23+ will retain this year’s sensor. So the same should carry over to the Ultra model as well. We will let you know once we have confirmation of that.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra may get a 200MP main rear camera

While the zoom cameras may not see notable upgrades on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung may equip its next-gen flagship with a monstrous 200MP camera. The company has already launched two 200MP smartphone cameras, the first of which (ISOCELL HP1) will debut soon inside a Motorola phone. The other 200MP sensor (ISOCELL HP3) is currently sampling.


However, Samsung will reportedly use neither in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It plans to ship the phone with an upgraded 200MP camera that has yet to become official. With the Galaxy S23 series not arriving until next year, there’s enough time for that. We will keep you posted with all the latest rumors about the next-gen Samsung flagships.