Pay $30/Line For 4 Lines With Verizon Welcome Unlimited Plan

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Verizon is a popular carrier, but its prices aren’t the lowest. T-Mobile currently offers the lowest prices per line when it comes to the major carriers. In order to remedy this, Verizon has introduced its new Welcome Unlimited plan.

When it comes to the major network carriers in the US, T-Mobile and Verizon seem to occupy different extremes. T-Mobile has the most coverage out of the three while Verizon has the least. However, Verizon tends to be the most reliable connection while T-Mobile leaves a lot to be desired.

Now, Verizon has a new Welcome Unlimited plan

In order to lower the barrier of entry for Verizon, the company has introduced a new plan. This one is more budget-friendly for people who are getting lines for them and their household.


Using the Verizon Welcome Unlimited plan, you can get four lines for only $30 per line every month. That’s great for a family plan. Now, there are some things that you need to know first.

The plan is only $30/month if you get four lines. Also, you’ll need to enroll in auto-pay. Your monthly bill will be $30 per line plus the standard taxes and fees.

The company will help you switch from your current carrier

If you’re locked into a contract with another carrier, you don’t need to fret. Verizon will help you switch over when you get the Welcome Unlimited plan with a 4GLTE or 5G plan. The company will give you a $240 e-giftcard per line to help you pay off your current agreement.


This is great because you’ll be able to pay off your current phone and then bring it into Verizon to activate. Just know that it won’t be a 100% guarantee that your phone will work with Verizon’s network. You’ll want to talk with an employee to see before you make the commitment.

This plan puts Verizon on fighting terms with some of T-Mobile’s most affordable plans. We’ll see if this helps turn some customers over from the “Un-carrier”.