Get These Blink Doorbell Bundles For A Discount On Amazon

Blink Doorbell bundle

Amazon’s selling bundles of the Blink security doorbells at a discount. There’s a handful of bundles, and they’re all enticing.

The Whole Home bundle is down 35% from $209.96 to $135.96, and that gets you a doorbell, outdoor camera, HD security camera, and motion detector.

The next bundle gives you a doorbell with three outdoor cameras, and that’s down 50% from $279.98 to $139.98. The last bundle gets you a doorbell with two outdoor cameras, and that’s down 50% from $214.98 to $107.98.


What is the Blink security Doorbell?

You want to make sure that your home is completely protected 24/7, and Blink has a suite of devices that can help. Of these devices, you have the Blink Security Doorbell. This is a device just like the Nest Doorbell. It’s a camera that monitors your front door and shows you a video feed of what’s going on. It also has a button that you press to ring the doorbell.

The Blink Security Doorbell will come along with some extra cameras that will help you monitor other parts of your home. The outdoor cameras are really good for placing on the outside of your home and getting a wider view of what’s going on. They’re rugged and designed to survive the elements.

As for the HD camera, those are good to keep an eye on what’s going on inside your home. They can produce a clear picture so you can take the guesswork out of reviewing the footage.


The motion sensors are placed around your house. When someone trips it, you’ll get a notification and be able to take the action needed.

With these bundles, you’ll choose whether you want a white or a black doorbell. Regardless of the color you choose, you’ll pay the same price. Also, the color options are only available for the second and third bundles.

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