AT&T Launches Advanced Security Service For Fiber Customers

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AT&T has announced a new security service for its Fiber customers. Available via the Smart Home Manager app, the new Advanced Privacy & Protection Features cost $7 a month and offer numerous security features to AT&T Fiber users, including VPN (virtual private network), ID monitoring, and threat protection.

According to AT&T, its VPN at Home service will cover up to five connected household devices. All of your family members will get a secure, encrypted internet connection. The company also promises network-based protection to devices such as baby monitors and smart doorbells that “may not be able to load their own VPN.”

AT&T will also provide real-time insights on the protection of your network and connected devices. The company says an average American household may have more than 32 connected devices over the next few years. So these kinds of real-time information nay go a long way in helping keep them all protected.


Additionally, the company’s ID monitoring service will regularly scan every corner of the internet, including the dark side of it, and alert you of potential threats. You will be notified if any of your personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and driver’s licenses is found unsafe on the internet.

AT&T is further offering advanced content controls for your child so they don’t come across something inappropriate on the internet. With the company’s Advanced Privacy & Protection Features, parents will be able to select predefined content categories for their kids. Parents can also allow/block specific content under every category. AT&T will recommend categories based on the child’s age.

AT&T shares concerning stats about cybersecurity

A survey conducted on AT&T’s behalf found that an average American stumbles upon a suspicious website or social media account 6.5 times a day. And most of them are unaware that such sites can spread malware and viruses on their computer. Only 39 percent know about the potential cybersecurity threat. Moreover, 54 percent of people can’t differentiate between active and passive threats. The latter compromise your online security without you taking any action.


The survey also found that 70 percent of Americans feel knowledgeable about cybersecurity. However, 42 percent of people still use the same password across multiple sites. Almost one-third of Americans (31 percent) even use their birthday as their password. 48 percent of the respondents said they have received phishing emails.

AT&T believes its Advanced Privacy & Protection Features will keep its Fiber customers more secure online. It is an optional service available on top of the existing AT&T ActiveArmor internet security. The latter protects customers against malicious sites and offers Weak Password Detection, Connected Device Monitoring, and more security features at no additional cost.

“Security has been a long-standing commitment here at AT&T, spanning more than a century and only intensifying as technology has evolved and people spend more time online,” said Josh Goodell, Vice President at AT&T, in a blog post. “We remain committed to introducing new, industry-leading features designed to meet the ever-changing security needs of our customers.”


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