Android 13 Will Make Chrome More Stylus-Friendly

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With phones like the Galaxy Note/S22 Ultra, the TCL Stylus 5G, and the Motorola G Stylus 5G, stylus life is becoming a major part of the smartphone market. Because of this, there’s a new addition coming to Chrome that will make it better for using a stylus on Android 13 (and you can thank Samsung for this).

Google Chrome, and several other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Brave, are based on a browser called Chromium. There’s a large community that contributes changes to Chromium, and those changes help it grow and develop over the years.

Samsung is one of the companies that contribute to Chromium, and it’s been one of the major contributors. We can probably thank that company for some of our favorite features on our favorite browsers.


Chrome could be better for stylus use on Android 13

Speaking of Samsung, the company sewed the seed for a remarkable feature for people who use stylus phones. This should come as no surprise, seeing as the Korean giant pretty cornered the stylus phone market.

First reported by Mishaal Rahman, a new commit was added to Chromium that will allow for handwriting-to-text conversion. This means that you’ll be able to manually write out the text that you want converted into text. There will be an exception for text fields that are meant for passwords.

So far, according to Android Police, it appears that the feature is already available for people using Samsung devices running Android 13. It seems to be targeted at Samsung devices for the time being, but there’s no doubt that it will be available to other phone brands eventually.


This feature is still in the oven, as you’ll need to have the developer options enabled on your device. So, this means that the feature is still in testing. We’re not sure when this feature will hit the masses. When it does make it to more people, we should definitely hear about it in an announcement.