15+ Android App Ideas For Beginners, Startups

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It’s never been easier to make money with Android apps. In fact, the Google Play Store was just recently reported to have over 2 million apps available, and that number grows every day. According to Statista, on average, 109 billion apps have been already downloaded and it is expected to grow to 187 billion by 2025. Explore trending Android app ideas for beginners, startups that can surely increase your customer satisfaction.

With such an overwhelming number of choices, as a beginner, it can be difficult to determine which niche or app ideas for android will be the best fit for you and execute your idea with one of the best mobile app development companies. Let’s know about the android app ideas for beginners and startups.

15+ Killer Android App Ideas for Startups, Beginners

1. Augmented reality app

Augmented reality is a type of technology that comes under one of the Android app ideas for beginners, allowing you to place digital objects into your physical environment. Think of it as similar to when Superman used X-ray vision—but instead of Superman, it’s your phone (and you can use it for much less heroic purposes). The technology behind augmented reality has been around for years and is already baked into many apps we use on a daily basis.


2. Health check-up apps with diet plan

If you are passionate about following strict diets and regular health check-ups then this is among the best android app ideas for start-ups. This app features an action plan that lays out your health and fitness goals. You can also add foods you’re interested in eating into a food planner, and look up recipes based on ingredients that are already in your refrigerator

3. Railway tracking app

Railway commuters can experience a lot of hassle and stress due to late running trains, canceled/short terminated trains, platform changes, etc. This app helps track train schedules and also alerts you if your train is late/canceled so that you can plan accordingly.

4. Scan and PDF maker apps

Developing an app is hard work. There are many advantages to having a mobile presence—more than one billion people use Android alone—but building an app can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our list of innovative app ideas for android. It’s full of cool, practical Android project ideas that will help you build your portfolio and make your startup stand out from the competition.


5. Language learning apps

Have you ever tried to use one of those online tools that teach you a new language? They’re great for helping you learn new words and phrases, but they don’t teach you how to actually speak that language. This app will help with that by getting students in touch with native speakers so they can have actual conversations. Students can pay mentors as little or as much as they want, creating another revenue stream for your business.

6. Scan and shop apps

If you are looking for android app ideas for start-ups, you might have a hard time coming up with one. This can be particularly true if you’re on a budget or not sure where to start. If that sounds like you, here’s a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, but these types will help fill in any gaps in your smartphone or tablet. This collection is curated by us, so there’s nothing we consider bad or useless!

7. Agency banking app

Agency banking solutions enable traditional banks to expand their branch network in a cost-effective manner by utilizing authorized agents. Clients benefit from a variety of services, including risk management, product availability, and rapid financial inclusion.


8. Fitness App

Are you a fitness fanatic? Are you bored with all of your common fitness app options? Then why not create your own unique Android app! These Android mobile app ideas would be perfect for someone who is passionate about health and fitness, like a personal trainer or gym owner. Start by brainstorming your ideas and determine what information, content, or features would make an excellent, fully functional android application that would provide value to its users and promote your brand!

9. Food recommendation apps

It can be a great android app idea for projects like food recommendations where you can suggest your friends the top best restaurants. It has both a web and Android version where users can post their reviews and like or dislike other reviews. The site is coded to be responsive so it will function properly on any sized screen (i.e desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone). There are also filters built in that allow users to find similar businesses near them based on specific needs, such as gluten-free food, pet-friendly restaurants, etc.

10. Parking space finder apps

Let’s face it: driving sucks. So what if you could avoid it whenever possible? A parking space finder app would allow drivers to locate and reserve a free parking space before they even leave home. Finding a spot is as easy as entering your destination, and a list of nearby options will pop up on your phone with their availability indicated by a green light.


11. Supermarket checkout app

Getting an item scanned while shopping is often hit-or-miss. If a cashier is talking to a customer or simply not paying attention, your item can end up overlooked. That’s where supermarket checkout apps come in. It lets you scan your items using any android device – and it’s free to use! The app even notifies you when new coupon deals are available in-store.

12. Social Wine & Dine App

It should be considered one of the best android mobile app ideas that can connect with people in the vicinity to grab anything to eat or drink. This social networking app would enable users to connect based on their interests, location, and availability. Users can then initiate a conversation by sending direct invitation messages.

13. UPI Payment apps

Nowadays everyone looks for fast and secure payment apps and these can be the great android app ideas for beginners. A successful UPI app would allow customers to pay through their bank accounts, mobile wallets, and credit cards. This is a high-demand service that consumers need in today’s time. Using payment apps, you can generate revenue and make a successful business.


14. Goods-transporter apps

Goods-transporter app—When an order is placed with a distributor, that distributor could load its goods onto a truck and drive them to their destination. The transporter app will tell its users (businesses) exactly what’s on that truck, how much it weighs, where it’s going, and when it will arrive. It should also be able to show users where other trucks are in relation to theirs, allow them to track it in real-time as well as provide detailed breakdowns of freight costs and estimated arrival times.

15. Sale, buying, and rent apps

Social media’s become a popular way to get the word out about stuff you want to sell, but most social networks are limited in terms of reach. If you’re looking to quickly spread the word about a specific item (like an iPhone or even just something like a laptop), it can help to create your own community. Set up a website that allows interested buyers and sellers alike to create profiles with their contact information, upload photos of items they have for sale, and set prices.

16. Re-cycle helper app

Now mobile app development is relatively not a new industry. One of the interesting Android mobile app ideas is to develop an application that will check your phone while it is charging and tell you whether or not it has been damaged because of overcharging. A simple mobile application will be a great idea to recycle your old Android phones without adding any value other than performing one task but doing it perfectly.


Bottom line

In short, what we mean by these android app ideas for beginners, startups is that you can start off an android app business of your own. The android apps are easy to build, and if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire a freelance developer for small sums. Once your idea is proven successful in the beta version, you can look at it from an investment point of view and start-up funding – not just any investor will understand what you do even if they like your idea.