Zoom Is Now A Full-Fledged Communications Service

zoom android app update

People have been relying on Zoom more than usual with the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, it’s pretty much become a household name. Even though things aren’t as extreme as two years ago, the company is still improving the app experience. Zoom just introduced its Zoom One subscription that gives you a bunch of additional features.

This is going to be a paid subscription, so it will definitely turn some people off from it. However, if your business really relies on video conferencing, then you might want to consider it.

The Zoom One subscription will give you some powerful tools for communication

So, let’s address the elephant in the room: prices. Since this is a paid subscription, you’re going to want to know how much you’re going to pay, and whether it’s worth it.


Ok, for starters, there is a free tier. It’s good to get you started off, but you’ll face some hard limitations. You’ll have up to 40-minute video calls with up to 100 people at a time. This plan also has three whiteboards with 25MB of cloud storage and in-chat messaging.

Now, if you don’t mind spending some money, the Pro tier will cost you $14.99/month ($149/year). This one takes off the time limit on calls and still caps you at 100 people per call and three whiteboards. You’ll have 5GB of cloud storage and real-time transcription. You’ll still have the three whiteboards with 25MB of cloud storage.

Next, we have the $19.99/month Business tier ($199/year). This plan keeps the 5GB of cloud storage and bumps you up to 300 people per call. You’ll also have unlimited whiteboards.


The $25/month Business Plus tier ($250/year) gives you up to 300 people per call, but it also gives you 10 GB of cloud storage and unlimited whiteboards. This plan also comes with Zoom phone calling capabilities.

The Enterprise tier doesn’t come with a price tag. For this one, you’ll need to contact the sales department to work out a deal. This tier lets you have up to 1000 people in a call, unlimited whiteboards, unlimited cloud storage, Zoom phone calling with the full set of features, and other additions.

If you want to sign up for a Zoom One subscription, you can sign up starting today.