YouTube Music Will Add Music Recommendations To Your Quick Settings

YouTube Music AH NS 04

Streaming services are really big on feeding you a torrent of recommendations to help you find your next favorite song. YouTube Music is looking to take its recommendations to the next level. According to 9To5Google, YouTube Music will actually show you recommendations in your quick settings.

When you open the YouTube Music app, the service does a lot of heavy-lifting shoveling recommendations to your feed. It’s all based on the music you listen to on a regular basis. You see mixes, radio playlists, artists, albums, genres, and much more picked just for you.

Now, YouTube Music will show recommendations in your quick settings

You see recommendations when you open up the app, but YouTube wants to show you new music even when you’re not using it. As spotted by 9To5Google, YouTube Music will use the media recommendation function present natively in Android 12.


The recommendations will take the place of the media player in the quick settings panel. Immediately after plugging in a pair of headphones or connecting via Bluetooth, you’ll see the recommendations pop up. It will be populated by three songs that you just listened to.

Tapping on a song will cause it to immediately start playing in the background. This means that you won’t have to open up the app. When it starts playing, you’ll then see the play/pause and skip controls and the progress bar pop up. It’s super quick to start listening to the music.

Since it takes the place of your media player, it will also show up on your lock screen when you turn on your phone. When you pull down the notification shade, you’ll see it expand to show you six recommended tracks that you can listen to.


You’ll be able to access and control the music without leaving the quick settings. This feature is still rolling out, but a lot of users are seeing it pop up now. If you don’t see it, you might want to wait on it to reach your phone. Also, if you don’t see it, one safe bet would be to check to see if your app is updated.