YouTube Music Adds Personalized Recommended Radios

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People who use YouTube Music and Google Play Music before it should know about the radio feature. A radio is a pre-made playlist of music generated for you. With YouTube Music, the radios are usually inspired by one song that you listened to. However, according to 9To5Google, YouTube Music is rolling out personalized recommended radios inspired by different sources.

The YouTube Music personalized recommended radios will be based on different sources

When you use YouTube Music, you’ll see a bunch of different recommendations: songs, albums, playlists, artists, etc. You’ll also see the radios after scrolling down a fair bit on your home screen. When you do so, you should see a carousel of different radios. These are, of course, based on what you listen to.

Rather than being based on a certain song that you listened to, they’re inspired from different sources. You’ll see radios based on decades, artists, and genres. You’ll also see different combinations of these sources. For example, my feed would show radios like R&B music from the 70s and Hall & Oates music for working out. You’ll see different combinations based on the kind of music you listen to and the artists.


When you access the radio, there won’t be anything different about them functionally. You’ll still be able to shuffle them, add them to playlists, and add them to your queue.

If you don’t see the recommended radios, you should make sure that YouTube Music on your device is fully updated. Search for YouTube Music on the Google Play Store and see if there’s the green Update button. If you see it, tap it and let it install.

In Other YouTube Music News: YouTube Music Will Show You Recommendations In Your Quick Settings

YouTube Music wants to show you recommended songs even while you’re not in the app. The app is planning on showing you recommended songs in your quick settings panel.


When you pull down, you’ll see the media player spot being taken by a card. This card will have three recommended songs that you can play. When you expand the quick settings, the card will double in size and show you six recommendations. This feature is rolling out to users now.