You Can Buy The Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Starting Today

Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid 1

Last week Fossil unveiled the Gen 6 Hybrid smartwatch and today marks the first day you’re able to buy one. Starting at $229, the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid includes an improved heart rate sensor and numerous other smart features. But it has the benefit of a much longer battery life that has the capability to last up to two weeks.

This will of course depend on which model you choose and how you use the watch. For instance, your battery life is likely to be lower if you often use every feature to its fullest every day until the watch needs a recharge. In addition to these features the watch also now comes with an spO2 sensor, and it continues to have compatibility with Alexa for voice-controlled actions. That is if you like to be hands-free when you can.

You can buy the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid in two styles

While there are multiple configuration options for the watch, there are two main styles to choose from. This includes the Machine Gen 6 Hybrid and the Stella Gen 6 Hybrid. Both have options for silicone, leather, and link bands. But they differ when it comes to the design of the watch case bezel.


The Machine Gen 6 has a knurled top ring and buttons along with one crown. Whereas the Stella either comes with a smooth top ring or one that comes with 150 crystals encrusted in it and three crowns. As for colors, the Machine can be picked up in Black, Silver-Tone, or Smoke, and the Stella can be picked up in Rose Gold-Tone, Silver-Tone, or two-tone which mixes the Silver-Tone and Rose Gold-Tone together.

The watch with 16MB of RAM and a water resistance rating of 3 ATM. Each of the two styles also supports interchangeable straps. So you can swap them out with something custom if you like. The Machine works with 24mm straps and the Stella works with 16mm straps.

Lastly, it charges up pretty quickly, taking only an hour to get about 80% of that up to two-week battery life. Compared to more standard smartwatches, the Gen 6 Hybrid is a good option if you prefer something with a better battery and only a few basic smart features.


Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid