YouTube Music Redesign Lets You See All 'My Mixes'

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You should be used to having recommendations and AI-generated playlists shoved in your face while using any media service. YouTube Music has “My Mixes”, and these are auto-generated playlists that are based on your listening history. Now, according to 9To5Google, YouTube Music will make seeing all of your My Mixes a lot easier.

Previously, when you’d scroll down to your Mixes on the home screen, you’d see a carousel with a selection of your Mixes. These will be your Supermix, seven core Mixes, Replay Mix, Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and your Likes.

Now, you’ll be able to see all of your Mixes on YouTube Music

There are a bunch more Mixes that you can listen to on YouTube Music. There are several Focus Mixes, Energy Mixes, Chill Mixes, Workout Mixes, and a Family Mix. If you want to view these additional Mixes, you’d have to go to that specific mood.


However, YouTube Music is rolling out a change that will eliminate the middle man. When you scroll down to the Mixed for you carousel, you’ll see the More button on the top right.

Tapping on that will bring you to a page with your Mixes in a grid view. From that point, you’ll see all of your Mixes. They’re all in the same order, so you’ll see your Supermix followed by all of the others.

When you’re in the grid view, you’ll see an artist for the cover. This is good for people who listen to a broad array of music. You’ll be able to know the styles of music you can expect in that specific Mix.


This change should be live on your phones now. If not, then, you’ll need to go to your respective app store and check if there are any updates for your app. If you don’t have an update, then you should give it a couple of days.