First Trio Of Xiaomi Phones With Leica Branding Will Launch On July 4

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Xiaomi has confirmed that the first three of its phones with Leica branding are coming on July 4. We’re looking at the Xiaomi 12S series here, which will consist of the Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro, and 12S Ultra, it would seem.

First trio of Xiaomi phones with Leica branding is right around the corner

First and foremost, do note that this will be an event in China, but it will be livestreamed, it seems. That’s something Lei Jun, the company’s CEO, revealed via social media. You’ll be able to watch it on YouTube, and various other platforms.

Xiaomi 12S series coming


The company launched quite a few teasers for the series already, while some info arrived on all three models. What can we expect out of them? Well, the Xiaomi 12S will be the smallest device in the pack, but still flagship-grade. We still don’t know what specs to expect, though.

The Xiaomi 12S Pro will be the middle-of-the-road model, and likely the one most people will go for. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra is expected to bring the best camera setup in the series.

Xiaomi also teased leather backs for these devices. Now, these will likely be special edition variants, as models with glass/ceramic backs are also expected. We’ll see, though, we know nothing for sure just yet.


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The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 will likely fuel all three phones

What about the specs? Well, we know that the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 will be included in the package. We’re not sure if all three phones will include, or only the ‘Pro’ and ‘Ultra’ models, but let’s assume all three will.

AMOLED displays are expected across the board, while we’re also expecting blazing fast charging. The camera setups will likely differ from one model to the next, with the ‘Ultra’ being the most powerful variant. Android 12 will come pre-installed on all three phones, with MIUI on top of it, of course.


Many of you are probably wondering what happened with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra? Well, by the looks of it, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. Xiaomi opted to go with different branding, it would seem. The Xiaomi 12 Ultra was rumored to launch in early July, so… it fits.

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