Xbox Controllers Are In Short Supply According to Microsoft

Xbox Series X Controller 1

If you’ve been having trouble getting your hands on Xbox controllers, you’re not alone, because they’re reportedly in short supply. A new report from Video Games Chronicle states that Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox controllers are hitting supply issues. Leaving Xbox and PC gamers with having to wait to get a hold of one or buy something from a third-party partner.

While you can still find some of the Xbox wireless controllers on Amazon, they do frequently sell out. Most colors also seem to be available but only a few of them ship from and are sold by Amazon. Those options are generally available at MSRP or on sale. Where third-party sellers are unloading controllers for a few extra bucks.

Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that not all retailers are being impacted by the stock problems.


Xbox controllers are in short supply mostly internationally

According to the report controller stock seems to be more of a problem in Europe and the UK, as well as some other global regions, than in the US. And mostly at major retailers.

That doesn’t mean you won’t run into stock issues at your local Best Buy in the states. But if Amazon routinely has stock, then other larger retailers in the US likely do as well. With regard to consumers outside the US, finding even the basic Black controller seems to be expensive.

VGC reports that it’s going for £93.99 through third-party sellers in the UK which is almost twice as much as it usually costs.


Meanwhile in the US, third-party sellers on Amazon have it going for around $57.99. The controller normally costs $60. So that’s a couple of bucks below its original price. And right now you can buy it direct from Microsoft in the US for $49.99.

Some retailers in the US however are only selling pre-owned models. Which probably means stock in the US isn’t doing that much better than in other countries. According to Microsoft, supply issues have mostly to do with distribution troubles. Though Microsoft says it is working with partners to resolve the stock issues as soon as possible.

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