WhatsApp Will Give Group Admins More Control Over Who Joins

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Sometimes, managing a group on WhatsApp could be like babysitting. This is why admins sometimes have their work cut out for them. However, according to WABInfo, a new feature is coming to help stop issues before they happen. WhatsApp is working on a feature called Group Membership Approval.

A lot of people who use group chat on WhatsApp do so for business. They need a reliable platform to chat on. However, you can’t count on every person invited to a group to be on the same page. There’s no way of telling if everyone in the group can be trusted or if they won’t cause trouble.

This is why WhatsApp is working on the Group Membership Approval feature

This feature is still in the testing phase, so it will be some time before you can use it. When it eventually hits the public, group admins will need to approve every person who wants to join when following a group invite.


This comes hot off the heels of the company allowing for up to 512 people in a group. As the number of people in a group rises, so does the potential for unsavory characters to be involved. This way, the group admin can review the users before they’re permitted to be in contact with the group members.

If this doesn’t sound like a feature you want, don’t worry. When you go to the group settings, you’ll be able to toggle the setting. Also, it won’t be enabled automatically, so you’ll need to turn on the feature to use it. You’ll see an event in the chat letting you know that you toggled the feature.

If you’re organizing a huge group that runs the risk of exhausting the full 512-person capacity, just know that more than one person can approve the users on the app. You just have to be one of the group admins. There’s no telling when this feature will launch but will come out eventually.