Verizon Is Offering New Savings For Home Internet Customers

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Verizon has announced significant changes to its Home Internet service across the U.S. The carrier’s three home internet plans – Fios Home Internet, 5G Home Internet, and LTE Home Internet – are now available starting at just $25 per month. According to the carrier, “the price is the price, guaranteed,” pledging it will do its best “when the cost of almost everything seems to be going up.”

Verizon says customers of Fios Gigabit and 2 Gigabit 2 home internet plans will get a four-year price guarantee

Customers of Verizon’s 5G Unlimited mobile plans can save up to $25 on the aforementioned home internet plans. For example, new customers of the 300 Mbps Fios Home Internet plan will only pay $25 per month with AutoPay enabled. Meanwhile, existing Fios Gigabit users can save up to $10/line each month when they switch to an eligible 5G mobile plan (with AutoPay).

“At a time when Americans are looking more closely at their finances, it’s important to know that you have a new choice for your home internet. You don’t need to stay with an unreliable provider and you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save,” chief revenue officer of Verizon Consumer Group, Frank Boulben, said.


Verizon also points out that 5G Ultra Wideband is only available in some areas. By comparison, 5G Nationwide is accessible in 2,700 U.S. cities. New customers of the carrier’s fiber-optic Fios home or mobile plans are also in for some nifty benefits.

For starters, customers of Fios’ Gigabit and 2 Gigabit 2 plans get a four-year price guarantee. Additionally, the router rental fee is waived off on all Fios internet plans. Customers of the Premium plan can get up to 12 months of Disney+ for free and $7.99/month later.

Verizon recently gave away 5GB of mobile hotspot data to customers of the 5G Start plan

The carrier recently provided 5GB of free mobile hotspot data to subscribers of its 5G Start unlimited plan. Verizon automatically credited the hotspot data to eligible customers, saving them the trouble of claiming it manually.


In case you’re unaware, 5G Start is Verizon’s entry-level 5G plan with a monthly cost of $70 per line. But the pricing comes down to just $30 per line if there are five or more lines on the account. Other benefits of this starter plan include free six-month subscriptions for Disney+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, or Google Play Pass.