Top 10 Sports Live Score Apps For Android (2022)

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If you’re an Android owning sports fan who can’t get to the game, chances are you’ve searched for the best live score app to ensure you don’t miss your team’s crucial moments.

There are plenty of options out there, and that means there’s plenty of trash too. To save you from getting stuck trying to identify the best live scores app on the Play Store, we’ve cherry picked the top 10 in 2022.

10. AiScore

The AiScore app features live animations, player performance pages and, of course, fast live score updates. You’ll get score updates quicker on this app than you will watching the live pictures on TV.

It’s one of the premier sources out there for soccer scores but it also has in depth, rapidly updated info on basketball, baseball and tennis fixtures.


9. SofaScore

SofaScore is the self-styled ‘most powerful sports app for live scores’. We’ll leave it to the experts to decide what ‘most powerful’ means, but what is clear is that SofaScore packs a whole load of neat sports content into its app.

More than 5000 leagues across over 20 different sports are covered on SofaScore. The app includes great features like heatmaps, live attack momentum indicators, shot maps and more.

SofaScore’s native Android Wear smartwatch integration is another box ticked for the tech savvy sports fan.

8. Sports Alerts

Sports Alerts might not have all of the fancy bells and whistles that you can find on many of the other scores apps on this list, but its advantage is that it’s super light and super fast.


There’s a huge range of different customizable alert types available. For example, football fans can set up notifications 100, 150, and 200 yards rushing or get an update on the overall match stat leaders every five minutes. Baseball and basketball are covered in similarly impressive depth.

You can also watch post game highlights from MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL games and set up an expandable home screen widget to display custom updates without having to even open the app.

7. Bet365

As the name suggests, the primary function of the bet365 Android app is sports betting. That said, one key feature on all the best betting apps – and one that can help you turn a profit on the sportsbooks – is lightning fast score updates and detailed match tracking.

The interface has plenty of customisation options and the My Alerts service for receiving live sports event updates (including for events that you haven’t placed a bet on) can also be tailored to suit your sporting needs.


6. CBS Sports

CBS promises sports fans ‘front row access’ to all their favorite events with the CBS Sports app. It’s one of the best apps on this list for breaking sports news.

This app is an all-in-one destination for sports fans. Not only do you get personalized player and team news plus in-depth live coverage and score updates, you’ll also be able to stream a huge range of live sports events provided you have the requisite TV or Paramount+ package.

5. Yahoo Sports

The list of leagues and sports that you can follow live on the Yahoo Sports android app is seriously impressive.

A big chunk of these events can be streamed live to your Android device and custom alerts can be set for live score updates when and where you need them.


You can leverage this live information to make sure your Yahoo Fantasy Slate picks are up to scratch, or head to the sportsbook hub if that’s your thing.

4. LiveScore

LiveScore has splashed the cash to be able to plaster Cristiano Ronaldo’s all over its live sports scores and updates app as its global brand ambassador.

Ronaldo may be the GOAT and LiveScore is not far off being the GOAT Android live scores app. Soccer is the main focus but tennis, basketball and more are also extensively covered.

Live notifications and full match details for Premier League, MLS and LaLiga matches are accessible in the app. Users benefit from rapid alerts, live commentary, and detailed stats for other events across hundreds of different competitions worldwide.


3. Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report app is one of several on this list to have amassed more than 10 million Play Store downloads, and with good reason.

It’s got the fast notifications and match alerts that we’re all hunting after as well as schedules, stats and standings to keep you up to date on US and global sport.

There’s tons of other tasty features too, including curated news and information streams and the ability to sync the app with your fantasy account to ensure you don’t miss any crucial updates about your players.

2. theScore

‘The only sports app you need’, says theScore about their Sports News & Scores app. In fairness, there isn’t much in the world of sport that you can’t find on theScore.


Android users turn to theScore in their droves for live scores updates which are delivered via a super sleek UX and can be fully personalized.

Box scores, live player data plus multimedia content are available for literally thousands of different live sports events. There’s also a chat and messaging feature if you want to discuss the action with other fans.


The ESPN Android app is the most popular app on this list, according to Play Store figures which report over 50 million downloads to date.

We’d wager a lot of those users are after the huge library of sports events that can be streamed on the app, including NFL Monday Night Football, NBA, MLB, golf, soccer and more, but there’s much more than video on the ESPN app.

ESPN is one of the premium destinations for live sports action and the app does a great job keeping fans up to date with on demand news and live scores updates covering a vast schedule of games.