The Moto Razr 3 Will Be Cheaper Than Its Predecessor

Motorola phone logo 01 DG AH 2020

The foldable market is dominated by the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip phones, but Motorola doesn’t want Samsung to have all of the fun. The company is going to be launching its next foldable, the Moto Razr 3, later this year, and it looks like it will have a better price than its predecessor.

Motorola unveiled its first foldable phone soon after Samsung and Huawei introduced the world to theirs. What made the Razr stick out was the fact that it was a clamshell foldable rather than a notebook foldable. While this idea was interesting, Samsung was able to swoop in and steal the market from Motorola.

But, the Moto Razr 3 will have a better price this time around

Price is sometimes the deciding factor when it comes to buying a phone. The mean price of a foldable has come down since 2019, and so the technology is becoming more accessible to the public. Now, foldable phones have always pretty much sat above the $1,000 line, and that’ll be the norm for a while longer.


Thankfully, Motorola is doing its part to take the price of its foldables down. According to CompareDial, the Moto Razr 3 will have a more palatable price than the predecessor. The leak states that the phone will cost €1,149. This would be about an 18% price drop from the €1,399 that the last iteration cost.

When it comes to conversions to US dollars, it’s possible that Motorola won’t convert the euros to dollars. This means that the phone could possibly cost $1,449. When the original Razr launched back in 2020, it also cost $1,399.

This is good, but…

Motorola lowering the price for its foldable is great and all, but there’s an elephant in the room. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 launched with a price of $999. At this point, no other foldable retails for a price that low. Competing with Samsung’s foldables is an uphill battle no matter the scenario. Heck, the Razr could retail for $500, and it’d still have trouble keeping up with Samsung.


The fact that Samsung’s foldable undercuts Motorola’s only makes things harder. Hopefully, Motorola could add features to the phone that would make it a compelling buy.