The Best Ways To Transform Your Classroom With Fantastic Android Applications

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You’ve just been given an Android tablet by your school to use in your role as a professor. You are supposed to include the Android within your lesson plans, but you are completely clueless about how to do so. Which applications should you begin using first? This free continuing education program for educators highlights 10 of the most useful educational applications that are ideal for use in a school setting. This is an excellent course for instructors and organizations who are just getting started with smartphone technology in classrooms and are looking for a good beginner’s course. You will understand how to use technology apps in the classroom that are showcased, how to utilize them in your lectures, how to implement these apps so that they coincide with your coursework and teaching aids, and most notably, how to inspire and retain your pupils to learn by employing technology that is relevant to the 21st century.


With the aid of apps for the classroom such as Remind, instructors can connect with schoolchildren and parents wherever they are. All students, small groups, or individuals can receive notifications. Schedule presentations in advance and include images and other assets in the message. Using Remind, instructors may send messages to specific people or groups without disclosing any of their students’ personal contact details in a secure and classroom-friendly manner. Textual, voice, and visual messages may be sent by teachers, along with links to other files and photographs. Consumers can even raise money for fundraising activities, supplies, or special occasions. It’s easy for instructors to set up their classrooms and give students and their parents simple credentials to participate. As a result, instructors are unable to view the phone numbers of their kids.


ClassDojo is an innovative program that gives teachers the ability to assign objectives to their classes, track their students’ performance in real-time, and recognize and commend their pupils for any successes they’ve attained. Among dozens of education android apps, ClassDojo is an excellent tool for all kinds of instructors, and it also offers students a sharing platform that is analogous to famous social networking applications. On this platform, students may showcase their work and collaborate with one another to find solutions to difficulties. And the greatest part is that parents can effortlessly check in to observe the work that their children have created.


Handy Notes Pro

Are you getting tired of using the apparently top essay writing service but all you are left with is disappointment? With Handy Notes Pro, your misery is coming to an end. You could indeed generate documents with Handy Notes, seek for them, start organizing them, openly discuss, and connect directly them from your main screen through toolbars. You can view a short rundown of your annotations or choose the personal note, for which you have the freedom to modify the text size and colors. The Dropbox feature ensures that you will never lose a note. This notebook app has a lot of capability and possibilities, and I had pleasure experimenting with it; but the app is difficult to use and does not follow a natural flow of thought. You may access the instructions for the program by pressing the “?” button, which will take you to multiple pages of material on how to do various tasks.

Teacher Aide Pro

The registration and grade book features of Teacher Aide Pro may be used completely free of charge for up to 20 different courses. Accessibility to extra functionality such as the allocation chart, PDF reports, and the At-Risk pupil screen may be gained for classes subsequent to the initial session by purchasing a monthly membership that is set to automatically renew. Education is one of the categories that the Android software Teacher Aide Pro, which was created by In Pocket Solutions, is categorized in. The most recent version, which was published on 2022-03-23, is 3.24.6. As per Google Play, this teaching app has been downloaded more than 132,000 times. There are now 588 ratings for Teacher Aide Pro, and it has an average rating score of 4.3.


With this application, students can easily turn any static material, such as a PDF or a picture, into an engaging multimedia presentation that can be discussed and analyzed by other students. Furthermore, text adjusting and customization are also available. Consequently, paper writing services like JPost.com shouldn’t represent the only online help anymore. Essays generally are often used by understudies and this app will help them get to make their texts much more effective. You may also create, submit, and grade assignments from a single location, if you’d like. Kami is compatible with Google Classroom and Canvas, as well. Kami is the perfect tool for anybody who wants to teach in person, virtually, or a combination of the two. For students who lack dependable Internet connectivity, Kami operates either online or offline. A universal education environment is essential for students because it allows them to engage with instructors and materials as well as one other in the form of media they choose.



Showbie allows you and your pupils to view it from any device, whether it is a desktop computer, a Chromebook, an Android phone, or even a smartphone. This software integrates all of the necessary tools for assignments, feedback, and communication into a single, aesthetically pleasing package that is simple to use. Because of this, you will have more time to devote to instructing and learning rather than fighting with your technology setup. Showbie ensures that you and your pupils are always on the identical page, regardless of whether you are using an iPad, an iPhone, or just any other PC or device that has access to the internet. When you have Showbie on your mobile device, it is simple to keep in interaction with teachers and to provide helpful feedback just when it is required the most.


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Professors should physically move their students’ desks so that they can see how their pupils use their gadgets. Thus, abuse may be reduced, and students can engage in more natural ways in the classroom. Teachers who use Android smartphones in the classroom need to have the software up-to-date licenses in effect. Teachers using School-owned IT resources may electronically monitor the activities of each student at any given moment. Using Android’s app blocking software, users may limit which apps can use their devices, for example, by momentarily disabling the camera. In addition, they may utilize additional Android tablet administration apps from their own devices.