Switch To Android Now Works With All Android 12 Phones

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Google wants iPhone users to switch over to Android so much that it made an entire app for it. It’s on the Apple App Store, and it was exclusively to help iOS users move over to a Pixel phone. However, the company just revealed that Switch To Android is now available to all Android 12 phones.

What is this app?

Google developed an app that’s specifically designed to help you transfer your data from an iPhone over to a Pixel device. It’s called Switch To Android and, if that sounds petty, just know that Apple started it. Back in 2015, the company launched its first app on the Google Play Store named Move To iOS. As you can imagine, the app did not go over well with Android users.

Earlier this year, Google launched its own version, and it follows similar principles. It’s designed to help you move all of your data over from an iPhone to an Android phone. It takes files like pictures, videos, calendar data, contacts, and messages and backs them up to Google Drive. Then, you’ll be able to download them on your new Android phone.


This app is meant to take the entire process and make it as easy and straightforward as possible. People switch operating systems, so it’s good to have apps like these to make the process painless.

Switch To Android is now available to all Android 12 devices

As stated before, this app was meant to transfer data to a limited selection of devices. It makes sense that Google would prioritize its Pixel phones. If it wants people to convert from iOS to Android, it may as well put its Pixel phones out in front.

However, the company just announced that Move To Android is now available to all phones running Android 12. This is huge, as Android 12’s adoption is increasing. The most popular devices to launch this year are running on Android 12 out of the box.


If you’re considering moving over to an Android device, using the Switch To Android app might actually make the process even easier.

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