Study Says US Data Breaches Are Down But You Still Need To Be Careful

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Data breaches in the US are on a downward trend, according to the most recent study from Surfshark. With figures falling from 18 to 12 breaches per minute in Q2 2022 in the region compared to Q1 2022. But while that does mean that the breach rate is effectively 33-percent lower for the quarter, that doesn’t mean US users are necessarily safer.

Breaches worldwide, according to Surfshark, were up by 6.7-percent globally for that same period. And the US already has among the most compromised users worldwide. Up to 2.3B compromised internet users since 2004, in fact.

The figure equates to around 15-percent of all breached users worldwide. As users worldwide face breaches at a rate of around 304 accounts per minute.


How safe are US users against data breaches?

According to Surfshark, other countries do top the US in terms of the rate at which data breaches occur. US internet users, for instance, suffer around 694 breaches per 100 people. That equates to around 7 breaches per person on average and, for every 10 accounts, 7 breached passwords. As compared to the global average of just 191 breaches per 100 people. But Russia suffers from a far greater rate of occurrence in this realm of technology.

Users in Russia suffer data breaches at a rate of around 1,489 per 100 people.  China, Germany, and France come in third, second, and fourth in terms of overall breaches. But Chinese users suffer only 69 breaches per 100 people, according to Surfshark. While Germany and France suffer similar rates to the US as of the second quarter of the year.

Of those breaches, at least in the US, around 8.7 billion first and last names, IPs, passwords, usernames, and other data have been sold or leaked online since 2004.


While the figures do appear to show that breaches for US internet users are on the decline, the amount of data that has been breached is still higher than any other region over the period looked at by Surfshark. And that makes staying secure across all devices as important as ever. Fortunately, users have any number of tools at their disposal ranging from Android apps to protect browsing data to security tools built into browsers.

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