Valve Doubles Weekly Steam Deck Shipments As Q3 Reservations Begin

Steam Deck

Valve has just sent out the last batch of Q2 reservation emails for buying the Steam Deck, and it’s preparing to send out the first wave of Q3 reservation emails very soon. According to the official Steam Deck Twitter page, Valve is also going to be doubling the amount of weekly Steam Deck shipments it sends out.

Which means more people will have them by the week’s end. In fact, Valve actually says it’s going to more than double the number of shipments it sends out on a weekly basis. What’s more, is that this change is going to start after tomorrow. So by Wednesday and going forward, Steam Decks are going to start arriving a whole heck of a lot faster.

You still need the email to make your purchase of course. But Valve is certainly doing everything but slowing down with regard to getting its portable gaming PC into people’s hands.


Valve will begin sending out Steam Deck Q3 emails on June 30

Q2 family, if you’ve been waiting on your Steam Deck purchase email, today’s the day you should get one. These were just sent out earlier this morning. And that can mean a few things. If you haven’t checked your email yet, your Steam Deck purchase email may be sitting in your inbox.

The other possible thing it could mean is that Valve pushed back your reservation email and it’ll now be in Q3. But, there’s also another, albeit less desirable possibility. You already received a Q2 email and somehow missed it. Which in most cases would remove you from the reservation list. Someone else would then be given your spot in the queue.

If that is the case, depending on the time between the email receipt and now, you could contact Valve to see if they would still let you make your purchase. There have been reports on the official Steam Deck subreddit where users contacted Valve to explain missing the email, and they were allowed to buy.


This probably happens very seldomly, though. And Valve likely only agrees to allow this on a case by case basis. Since the official timing only allows for 72 hours. That being said, it can’t hurt to ask.