Spotify Live Event Feed Will Guide You To Your Next Live Concert

Spotify concert

There are plenty of music streaming services like YouTube Music, Pandora, Apple Music, and more that focus on bringing the music to you. However, one service has a focus on bringing you to the music. Spotify introduced its new Live Event Feed to show you live events you can attend.

The company had a section like this called Concert Hub. With this, you could see what live concerts were going on that you could go to. The company took this feature and added on some neat features to make it a better experience.

Now, Spotify has its new Live Event Feed

When you want to look for some new and exciting events, you’ll just need to summon the feed. The Live Event Feed is in the Spotify app natively and it lets you search for live events using different parameters.


For starters, it’s location-based. That should come as no surprise. The app will use your location and search for acts performing in that area. It also uses your tastes in music to narrow it down. That way, if you’re a classical fan, you won’t get a feed full of Kanye West events.

You won’t only be able to track the events, but you’ll also be able to buy tickets right from the app. Spotify partnered with Ticketmaster, AXS, DICE, Eventbrite, See Tickets, and other brands to let you buy tickets right then and there.

If you want to keep up with more artists that are performing in your area, you can get email updates straight from Spotify. This is something that you can opt-out of if you so please.


This should be a nice break for a lot of people who have been dealing with the lockdowns due to the pandemic. There are a lot of people who wanted to get out and go back to live concerts.