Sony Is Reportedly Working On A 100MP Camera Sensor For Smartphones

Sony Xperia XZ3 AH NS 14 camera

Sony is one of the latest companies that want to join the megapixel race by introducing a 100MP sensor, SamMobile (via Weibo) reports.

The megapixel race is getting to a whole new level. More companies are trying to increase their sensor’s megapixels as much as possible. While a higher megapixel number is not necessarily equal to better quality (Pixel phones are a great example of this), it’s a great sign to prove a manufacturer’s ability.

As per the report, Sony plans to launch a 100MP camera sensor to add fuel to the fire of competition with Samsung. Three years ago, Samsung launched a 108MP camera sensor that created a lot of hype around the Galaxy phones. Earlier this year, the Korean manufacturer again introduced a 200MP camera sensor to stand out from the crowd.


Sony wants to launch a 100MP camera sensor

Sony also doesn’t want to sit aside and watch Samsung conquering the market. The report claims this 100MP sensor is a part of Sony’s IMX8 series. Moreover, it will be used for mid-range and higher mid-range smartphones. We still don’t have any details about Sony’s upcoming sensor. However, it can be bigger than the usual 1/2-inch 64MP camera.

Also, it’s still unclear whether Sony wants to use this new sensor in one of its upcoming smartphones or sell it to other companies. A few months ago, we reported that Sony might introduce a phone with 1.1-inch sensor size.

While companies are demonstrating their power in the megapixel race, no actual phone has yet featured their ambitious sensors. The first generation of Samsung’s 200MP camera sensor isn’t yet seen on any smartphone. But the company is reportedly developing the second generation of its ISOCELL HP1 200MP camera sensor. As per the reports, Galaxy S23 Ultra is at the forefront of receiving a 200MP sensor. Also, Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is said to feature a 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor.