Sony Is Slashing Prices On PlayStation Games For The Summer

PlayStation Mid Year Deals Promotion

Sony’s Mid-Year Deals promotion on PlayStation games has begun and it ends in just a couple of weeks. Now’s the time to pick through and choose some of the games you may want to save some money on.

The PlayStation Mid-Year Deals promotion is sort of akin to the Steam Summer sale. It’s the PlayStation platform’s big summer sale that brings in some big discounts on games. It’s also one of the bigger sales on PlayStation that happen throughout the year and usually there are some deals in there you don’t want to pass up.

That of course depends on whether or not those deals are for games you don’t already own. That being said, some games are up to 75% off their normal price. So, you will at least want to look at the sale to see if there’s anything in there you’re missing in your library.


The PlayStation Mid-Year Deals promotion slashes prices by up to 75% off

Game discounts will vary widely here, but there are some real bangers worth picking up even if they aren’t getting the full 75% discount. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for example. Right now during the promotion you can get it for $30. That’s not the cheapest it’s ever been but it’s still a good price drop at half off.

You can also find Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for $32 for the Deluxe edition or step down to the standard edition for $24. And if you’ve yet to play the 2018 release of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, now is a good time with its sequel Modern Warfare II coming out this Fall. You’ll find Modern Warfare on sale for $30 as well.

Other newer games like Riders Republic, FIFA 22, and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are also on sale. Willing to go back a little further? The Witcher 3, which is an older game at this point having released back in 2015, is down to $10. What’s more is that this is the complete edition of the game which comes with all DLC. Normally this is $50. So if you haven’t already played The Witcher 3, this is a really good time to consider checking it out.


The PlayStation Mid-Year Deals promotion lasts until July 6. Which gives you two weeks exactly to save on these games. If you want to check out the full list of titles included, you can view it on the official PlayStation blog post. Or you can head straight to the PlayStation Store from the button below where you can browse and buy the games.

PlayStation Mid-Year Deals Promotion