Sony Rumored To Release "Official Pro Controller" For The PS5

PS5 4

A PS5 Pro controller coming officially from Sony appears to be in the works. A new report from Tom Henderson over at Try Hard Guides suggests. When it comes to pro controllers for the PlayStation platform on past consoles, Sony has typically left this to third-party partners. In recent years, this means companies like SCUF with its Reflex line and one of our personal favorites, the Rival from Hex Gaming – a DualSense that’s been souped up with some back paddles and quick firing triggers that feel like a mouse click.

With the PS5, Sony seems to be making a Pro controller of its own. And based on the report it should offer some nifty tricks to make the most of your gaming sessions.

Sony’s PS5 Pro controller will have trigger stops and back paddles

According to the report Sony is adding what you may expect from a pro controller. Extra buttons. The PS5 Pro controller will have “flappy paddles” on the back that you can program. It’ll also have trigger stops to provide a short travel distance to a full press. This sounds like the instant triggers SCUF used on its Instinct Pro. Which has these little switches on the back you can flip from one side to the other when you want to lock the triggers to an instant press.


Features like this are generally designed for gamers who like that shorter press time in competitive games. Such as Call Of Duty and other shooters.

The controller may have preventative measures in place for stick drift

Another neat feature this new controller might have is a preventative measure for stick drift. Henderson states that the controller has buttons below the thumb sticks. When pressed, these buttons let the user remove the thumb sticks from the controller entirely.

It’s unclear if this is intended to let users swap out just the sticks with different heights and surfaces, or if it’s more involved than that. Henderson says these are referred to by Sony as “removable stick units.” And suggests that you may be able to replace the entire analog stick unit if drift becomes an issue.


The controller is also said to come with grips to help you hold it better. Which would help if your hands get sweaty. This is another feature that’s prominent in aftermarket options from SCUF, Hex Gaming and other brands. There’s no word yet on if the controller is official or when Sony plans to unveil it. But the report suggests that Sony could be looking to announce it towards the end of this month, where it will also reveal some other new hardware.