Sonos Users Are Receiving (And Being Charged For) Extra Speakers

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Getting more than what you ordered is not always a back thing, but it is when you’re being charged extra. Some Sonos customers have reportedly received extra speakers in the mail after ordering from the company’s website. To make matters worse, those customers were actually charged for the extra products.

Sonos customers reached out on Reddit (a few reported it to The Verge) that, after they ordered speakers from Sonos’ website, they got more than what they originally wanted. Some people reported that they got two extra Sonos Moves that they didn’t originally order. There are even some users who reportedly received five extra speakers.

When they checked their bank accounts, they found that they paid for every last speaker that showed up. This, obviously, upset the users, as Sonos devices tend to be on the pricey side. One user even reported paying more than $2,000 for the extra product.


Sonos customers who received extra speakers are covered

Those affected by this mishap should know that they are covered. Sonos acknowledged this issue and has taken action. Those who received the extra product will get a full refund for the extra product. The company does need the devices back, so it also provided those affected users with prepaid shipping labels to send them back.

This should make most of the people feel better, but it’s unclear just how many people were affected by this issue. It’s also unclear if the company will account for any overdraft fees that some of its customers undoubtedly wracked up.

So, what happened?

Sonos gave us some insight as to what happened. The company says that this error arose because it recently updated its system. This resulted in some orders being duplicated multiple times.


Sonos said that the affected customers will be getting the credit to their account within 10 business days. Also, they will receive emails with the return labels within 2 – 3 business days.