SCUF Launches Spring Colors For Instinct And Reflex Controllers

SCUF Reflex Instinct Sping Collection

SCUF is releasing a Spring collection of colors for its Reflex and Instinct controllers. Giving owners a pastel palette of faceplates to choose from to enhance the style of their products. Whichever controller you use, you’ll have six new colors to select in the customizer. What’s interesting is that SCUF has some unique inspiration for creating (or at least naming) each of the six colors.

Mint for example, was inspired by that burst of freshness you get from the flavor. So the Mint faceplate is meant to inspire the delivery of a “crisp refresh to long game sessions.” While the Slate faceplate was inspired by strength and durability. Which SCUF thinks is perfect for those who “opt for perfection in their gameplay.”

All 6 Spring colors are available for the SCUF Reflex and Instinct

No matter which controller you use or use most often, all 6 colors are available for both. The new Spring collection includes Slate, Mint, Mango, Lavendar, Sand, and Aqua. All 6 new colors are the same price as the original color options for each controller. So you’re looking at $14.99 on the Reflex controller and $9.99 on the Instinct controller.


The entire Spring collection is available for both controllers starting today, too. And it seems that the Reflex controllers are now back in stock as you can easily customize one and actually checkout. Though it’ll still be a few weeks before the controller ships.

That being said, if you were thinking about picking up a SCUF controller, there’s no better time than now with all the customization options.

If pastel colors aren’t your thing, there are a lot more choices

Even if the Spring colors aren’t your thing, there’s still lots of other options in there. A set of original colors like Red, Blue, Orange, and the like, as well as a large collection of designer and signature patterns like Sakura, Prosperity, Celestial and many more.


Just keep in mind that the designer options are a little more expensive.