New Rumor Suggests Galaxy Watch 5 Price Could Start At €300

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The Galaxy Watch 5 is suspected to be unveiled later this year, and the latest rumor suggests we may already know the price. WinFuture’s Roland Quandt recently posted on Twitter a table of price tags for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. He also mentions the cost of each model’s varying sizes.

If the pricing is accurate, then Samsung’s next wearable will come in at a starting price of €300. Which is a small increase when compared to past devices. One thing to consider though is that prices may still change. And the prices listed by Quandt are in Euros, and not USD.

So, US consumers looking to pick up a Galaxy Watch 5 shouldn’t bank on the watch being these prices exactly. Though it is entirely possible that they could be close to what’s been listed.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro price could be as high as €540

We know what you might be thinking. €540 is a lot for a Galaxy smartwatch. And it is. But there’s more to keep in mind here. The €540 price is said to be for the LTE model of the watch. Samsung it seems is planning to launch the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro in both Bluetooth and LTE models. Not surprising there since the company offered both connectivity types in the Galaxy Watch 4 and other past watches.

Meanwhile, those looking for a smaller price, and a smaller watch, can opt for the non-pro model. According to Quandt, the Galaxy Watch 5 will come in 40mm and 44mm. And each size will come in Bluetooth and LTE variants as well.

The Galaxy Watch 5 in 40mm with Bluetooth connectivity will reportedly cost €300. The LTE version bumps things up to €350. Then if you want to size up, you’re looking at €350 and €400 for the BT and LTE variants of the 44mm models respectively.


In addition to the costs, Quandt also notes the colors for each variation. The Galaxy Watch 5 in 40mm will come in Pink Gold, Gray, and Silver. The 44mm variant will come in Blue, Gray, and Silver. And finally, the Pro model will come in Black and Titanium.