New Galaxy S22 Ultra Ad Is Inspired By Stranger Things

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Stranger Things ad

Samsung has published a new Galaxy S22 Ultra ad on YouTube, and you’ll notice a strong Stranger Things influence here. Stranger Things, for those of you who have been out of the loop, is one of the most popular TV shows these days.

The first half of the fourth season of the show premiered a couple of weeks ago, while the second part is coming on July 1. Stranger Things are Netflix’s original TV show, by the way.

Stranger Things inspired Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 Ultra ad

Samsung’s new promo video is titled ‘Stranger Nights’, and in it, three kids are biking their way to a viewing party to watch the latest season of Stranger Things. Now, one of the kids actually has the Galaxy S22 Ultra in the back pocket, and the phone is recording as they’re riding the bike.


The phone actually captures some monsters along the way. This is clearly an ad for Samsung’s ‘Nightography’ feature, and you will even see it mentioned in the ad. Stranger Things is also mentioned, along with Netflix and season 4, of course. This is a joint ad, of sorts.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the most impressive camera smartphones on the market. It has been that way since it launched, and its low-light video capture can be quite compelling. It’s certainly amongst the best.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is still the company’s flagship smartphone

Samsung is, of course, still advertising the Galaxy S22 Ultra. That device will remain its flagship smartphone until the Galaxy S23 series arrives. Well, it will remain its regular flagship smartphone, we all know that new foldable flagships are coming in August.


Utilizing the popularity of Stranger Things is, of course, a smart move. It also helps raise awareness for the show, so it’s mutually beneficial. This type of advertising is not surprising when it comes to Samsung, and many would agree it’s smart.