Samsung May Have A Foldable Galaxy A Phone In The Pipeline

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G AM AH 22

Samsung has been making foldable smartphones since 2019. With each new generation, the company has improved both the hardware and software aspects of the device while reducing the price. It aims to make foldables mainstream. This continued push may see the Korean firm launch a folding device under its Galaxy A series of mid-range smartphones. Noted tipster @chunvn8888 recently shared the information on Twitter. The said product isn’t expected to arrive until 2025, though.

The source doesn’t back up the claim with any concrete evidence, which makes us question its authenticity. The tweet simply says Samsung is aiming to launch a foldable Galaxy A model (name unknown) in 2024 or 2025. It doesn’t even mention whether the said device will sport the Fold (book-like) design or it will look more like a Flip phone (clamshell foldable).

But @chunvn8888 has reported multiple Samsung leaks accurately in the past. So we can’t completely rule out the possibility that a foldable Galaxy A is in the Korean company’s pipeline. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to take this information with a pinch of salt. If true, we should hear more about this development in the future.


Samsung continues its push to make foldable smartphones mainstream

Foldable smartphones have existed for more than three years now. The market is largely dominated by Samsung with its Fold and Flip series foldables. The company has refined both lineups with software and hardware tuning on each new generation. It is now readying its fourth-gen foldables and we are expecting another round of major improvements over the 2021 models.

Samsung has simultaneously worked on reducing the entry price point to the foldable world. Last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 starts at $1,000, which is almost half of what the original Galaxy Fold cost at launch ( $1,980). But $1,000 is still a lot for a phone and Samsung knows that. It wants to further reduce the price so foldables can mix with the “conventional” smartphones.

There have been rumors of an affordable Galaxy Fold Lite a couple of years back. It was said to sport the same design as other Fold series models but come at a much lower price. While nothing has materialized as yet, the latest rumor has refueled the speculations. It will be interesting to see what Samsung has in store.


Samsung’s headstart in the foldable segment gives it a little more room for experimentation than its rivals. But considering the pace at which we are seeing new companies entering the foldable race, the Korean firm may find it difficult to maintain the lion’s share it currently holds in this niche market. Time will tell how it plans to fend off the growing competition. Is the “foldable Galaxy A” one of its answers, we shall find out in the coming months.