This Working PS5 Slim Was A DIY Custom Project

PS5 Slim DIY Project

The PS5 is a hulking beast of a console, so naturally YouTube content creator DIY Perks is back with another custom project, this time in the form of a PS5 Slim. Consumers are hoping Sony will release an official PS5 Slim in due time. Because the company does usually launch a smaller, slimmer model of the current console a few years after the standard model.

But for now, Sony has not confirmed any plans to launch a PS5 Slim, so DIY Perks made it into a project and created his own. Aiming for a goal of slimming the console thickness down to just 2cm. If you’re not familiar with DIY Perks, he’s the same YouTuber who built a custom PS5 made from brass last year. Then about two months after that he built another one with a stealthier wooden design that you couldn’t tell was a PS5.

This time around, you still can’t tell the slim project is a console. It also looks like the build process was a lot more challenging. Cooling in particular was going to be a difficult aspect of the design to overcome.


The PS5 Slim project deals with cooling in a genius way

According to DIY Perks, there were two main hurdles that he was going to have to overcome to make this project a success. And that was dealing with the cooling, and the console’s power supply. In the PS5 the way it comes from the factory, Sony utilizes a heatsink along with a large fan to keep the temperatures down. It also uses liquid metal on the CPU.

The problem with the heatsink in the factory model is that it’s well over 2cm thick. So this wouldn’t work. The solution? An elegant liquid-cooled approach utilizing three layers of copper sheeting. When it comes to the power supply, this was also just too big to fit in the slimmed down model.

So DIY Perks opted for an external power supply. The end results of the project see a custom PS5 that actually measures just under the 2cm goal. And the whole thing is fully functional. To boot, it stays cooler than a regular factory PS5 and plays games just as well as the factory model. If you want to give the build a watch, you can view the full video below.