Profiles On Google TV Are Finally Arriving

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Google TV users have been waiting for the official rollout of profiles for a while. Google announced this feature last year, but nothing happened as the months passed. Now, according to 9T05Google, the feature is finally starting to make it to users after the long wait.

When you use the platform, you’d typically just use one profile. This isn’t an issue if only one person is using it, but it can be a problem when there are multiple people trying to use the same account.

People typically want to have their own watch history, recommendations, and content. If a person loves comedy, they don’t want to see all of the recommendations of their partner who just loves horror.


This is why the rollout of profiles on Google TV will make people happy

This is a long-awaited feature. With profiles, people who use Google TV will be able to have their own space for content and recommendations. We’ve known about this feature for a while, but it seemed like it was never going to come.

Now, profiles are finally starting to make their way to devices. When a device gets it, the current account will automatically be converted into a profile. After that point, other people will be able to add their own profiles.

If you have your own profile, you’ll have your own watch history along with your own home page of recommendations. One thing to note is that profiles within individual apps will be consistent across the profiles. So, if you’re logged into one Netflix account, it will be logged in to that same account no matter which Google TV profile you go to.


It’s rolling out, but to certain devices for right now

The rollout seems to be targeted at certain devices for the time being. Right now, 9To5Google has only seen the update for the Chromecast with Google TV devices. It makes sense that Google would prioritize its own hardware. As time goes on, the feature should make it to other devices.

We’re not sure if Google will trickle this feature down to devices running Android TV. Only time will tell.