Pixel Watch Battery Info Revealed By New Leak

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A new report is offering some new details on the specs of the Pixel Watch, Google’s first smartwatch designed from the ground up. An older report has already shed light on the health sensors it will use and the processor. We’re now learning about the wearable’s battery life, which is fairly average by modern standards.

A source claims the Pixel Watch battery can last for up to a day on a full charge

According to an unnamed source cited by 9to5Google, the battery capacity of the Pixel Watch would be a touch under 300mAh. The smartwatch can reportedly last for up to a day on a full charge, which is on par with most smartwatches in the market today. However, it’s unclear if the Pixel Watch can last a full day while using always-on display, sleep tracking, GPS, etc.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm) can last up to a day or more using its large 361mAh battery. Meanwhile, the Fossil Gen 6 can last for up to a day with its 300mAh battery. So with these factors in mind, it’s too early to conclusively say if Google’s upcoming wearable will last for a day or more.


The folks at 9to5Google also learned that the Pixel Watch would offer unflattering fast charging speeds using its USB-C-based magnetic charging cable. Users should be able to find similar fast charging speeds, if not worse, as the Galaxy Watch 4, which can fully recharge in around 110 minutes.

Bear in mind that these are merely Google’s estimates leading up to the official launch of the Pixel Watch. The company may even decide to change a few aspects of the wearable before the big reveal this fall.

The Pixel Watch could have more RAM than any other wearable

We saw the Pixel Watch at last month’s Google I/O, and subsequent reports have given us an idea of what to expect. Google’s highly anticipated wearable will reportedly run on the Samsung Exynos 9110 chip, which first debuted in 2018. While this was somewhat disappointing, we later learned that the smartwatch could also feature a co-processor to manage minor tasks.


Furthermore, the Pixel Watch would reportedly offer up to 32GB of storage and more RAM than any other wearable on the market. However, the amount of RAM is unspecified, so there’s still some mystery in that regard.