OnePlus Is Migrating Its User Community To A Better Home

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OnePlus is moving its user community to a brand-new home, which it calls Orbit. The new community platform will replace the company’s existing forums and apps. This transition will begin coming Tuesday, June 28th. The company hopes to shift every single of its fans, as well as the posts, comments, direct messages, and other data, to the new home by June 30.

OnePlus announces new home for its community

OnePlus made its name as a community-driven smartphone company. It may not be as attached to its roots today, but its user community is still pretty strong and active. The company says more than 6.1 million people are registered on its community forums. It is now preparing to give them all a better home.

If you’re a OnePlus Community member, there are a few things that you will need to bear in mind about this migration. Firstly, you will not be able to create new posts, make comments, edit your profile, or send direct messages on the forums during this period. You can still visit the forums but can’t create or edit anything. Content creation will resume once the transfer is complete.


Additionally, some features will not be available on Orbit right off the bat. For example, your daily login streak on the OnePlus Community app will not appear on the new platform until the company re-implements it sometime later. Likewise, you may not see all of your medals and badges at the beginning. But rest assured that you will not lose your achievements. OnePlus will restore them on the new Community Medal system with more achievements that you can unlock. This may take months, though.

OnePlus has provided a timeline of what features will be available on the new community home and when. Some of the very basic features such as comments history, hashtags, and feedback tools will not roll out until August. Daily login streaks, polls, points systems, and medals will resume in July. You can find the full timeline here.

Raffle Points haven’t made the cut

Unfortunately, OnePlus isn’t moving Raffle Points to the new home. The company is encouraging users to exchange their points for eligible prizes before the proposed transfer next week. There will be a reward system on Orbit too. OnePlus is calling it RedCoins. It will be a much wider system and will let community members use the points against prizes across the Red Cable Club, e-commerce platforms, and Community. RedCoins will be awarded to users with daily activities as well as campaigns such as Shot on OnePlus.


Following the completion of this migration on June 30, OnePlus will roll out an update for the old Community app on the Google Play Store. The existing Forum website will also redirect to the new Community. The company says it will keep the old app active for a short time so users can update it. But it will eventually be shut down for good. So you’d want to update the app as soon as possible. You can revisit this article on June 30 and click the button below to download the updated app from the Play Store.