OnePlus 10 Pro Gets New Android 13 Beta Update

OnePlus 10 pro Shelf AM AH

OnePlus has released a new Android 13 beta build for the OnePlus 10 Pro. This is the second beta release for the phone and comes more than a month after the initial rollout. The company has fixed numerous bugs discovered on the first build but still calls it the Developer Preview Program. So this release is likely meant for developers and other advanced users only. OnePlus warns that “there is a risk of bricking your phone.”

But if you’ve already installed the first Android 13 beta build on your OnePlus 10 Pro, the latest update fixes the crash issue that occurs when you turn on/off the 5G network. OnePlus has also addressed the issue where the device failed to display data usage info.

The first beta release contained a bug that forced users to enter the lock screen password to launch the app drawer after a factory reset. OnePlus has resolved it. The device’s failure to close all background programs has been addressed too.


Of course, there are still a lot of known bugs. OnePlus says UI elements may sometimes behave abnormally, wired headphones cannot pause music playback, the video call button doesn’t function, and auto brightness and gesture operations fail to work properly at times. Additionally, changing the Fingerprint animation in Settings may result in a device crash. Switching the screen refresh rate may also cause lags.

OnePlus 10 Pro gets second Android 13 beta update

The changelog for the latest beta update further mentions the May security patch and camera optimizations for improved performance. This likely means the “multilingual” issue is still there. The OnePlus 10 Pro running Android 13 beta displayed some Settings menus in Chinese despite the system language being English. We expected OnePlus to fix it with the new release but the company seems to have left it for another day.

Nonetheless, if you’re eager to try out the new Android version early, you can install the new beta build on your OnePlus 10 Pro. You will find the update package on the company’s official forum thread here. Carefully download the specific package for your region and follow the instructions provided. Should you want to roll back to Android 12, the page also contains the full rollback package and instructions.


As OnePlus notes, these unofficial builds may brick your phone, rendering it useless. So proceed with caution if you know what you are doing. Make sure to back up all your important data. T-Mobile and Verizon carrier versions of the OnePlus 10 Pro are not eligible for the Android 13 Developer Preview Program.