You Can Get A Nothing Phone(1) Early, But It's Through An Auction

Nothing Phone 1 Basel event showcase image 2

All of the hype and mystery regarding the Android-powered Nothing Phone(1) is pretty much gone, as we know what the device will look like. Now, people who are excited about this device are waiting on the official unveiling. If you’re excited to get your hands on the phone and don’t want to wait, you can get it early. Nothing will auction off the first 100 units Phone(1) on June 21st.

When Nothing launched the Ear(1) earbuds last year, people began fantasizing about a full-fledged smartphone from the company. Since then, fantasy has become reality, as the brand is gearing up to launch its Phone(1).

After tons of speculation (and a severely unsatisfying event), we have a more solid idea about what to expect from this phone. While that’s true, the phone’s unveiling is still a few weeks out.


However, Nothing will auction the first 100 Phone(1) units

Carl Pei has been putting in a lot of work building up hype for this phone, and thus, he’s come up with a method to spread word of the phone. Nothing partnered with a company called StockX to auction off the Phone(1).

The phone will officially be revealed in a matter of weeks, but people will be able to participate in the auction starting on June 21st. That’s just next Tuesday, so people will be able to put in their bids early.

However, participating in the auction doesn’t guarantee that you will get the phone much sooner. StockX says that the phone should arrive at your doorstep after around 35 days. This means that it might arrive around the same time as the other people who ordered it after the event.


If this sounds familiar, Carl Pei did the same thing with the Nothing Ear(1) earbuds. He auctioned off the first 100 units of that device when it launched in order to build excitement for them. It seems to have worked, as those earbuds were positively received.

If you want to participate in the auction, you can do so from the StockX site next Tuesday. There’s no word on the starting price, so you’ll want to keep an ear out for that information.