Nothing Phone (1) Shown Off In New Teaser On Twitter

Nothing company

Nothing and its upcoming Nothing Phone(1) is the talk of the town, as the device is soon going to see a release. We’ve all been wondering what this device will look like, as the Nothing Ear(1) Earbuds had a transparent aesthetic to them. Well, Nothing just posted a teaser for the Phone(1).

Looking at the picture, it shows that the company only wants to give us just a taste of the phone’s design. We see two parrots standing atop the phone. On the bottom of the screen, we see the very top of the phone’s back.

Nothing Phone1 teaser


Even though we’re seeing about 5% of the phone, there’s still some useful information we can glean from it. There are a few aspects we can focus on in the image.

This teaser shows an interesting design for the Nothing Phone(1)

For starters, just looking at the frame, we can get an idea of the rough shape of the phone, and (let’s be honest) it has a bit of an iPhone vibe. The flat frame with the flat back is reminiscent of a modern iPhone. However, it does look just a bit thinner than the iPhones we have today.

Next, we have the camera. We’re 100%  sure how many cameras this phone will have. There’s only one camera lens visible in the picture. If there is more than one camera on the phone, then they will be vertically oriented. What we’re looking at in the image is most likely the main camera lens.


Now, for the back plate. We were all expecting to see a transparent backplate (or at least hoping for one), but it looks like that’s not going to happen. Just above and to the right of the camera, we see a round element. It almost looks like a screw to give it a more industrial look. There seems to be another on the bottom right of the screen.

The back plate looks like it’s going to be made up of separate plates with varying shades of white and gray. It’s hard to say at this point, that’s just how it appears.

We’ll need to wait for this phone to officially launch, but this slight teaser does make us excited to see what this phone really looks like. The Nothing Phone(1) will launch soon, so you can expect to see more of this phone in the coming weeks.