The Nothing Phone (1) May Never Come To The US Market

Nothing Phone 1 Basel event showcase LED notification image 4

If you live in the United States and are excited about the Nothing Phone (1), we have bad news for you. The phone may never arrive in the US market.

Nothing Phone (1) is one of the most anticipated phones that many fans are excited about. The phone has an innovative design that shows some internal components. However, the excited US-based fans may not be lucky enough to buy Nothing Phone (1).

A hundred limited editions of the phone are on sale, and customers can try their luck at buying one of the first hundred models. But what makes Nothing Phone (1) out of reach of US customers is a line in terms and conditions, saying, “Nothing phone (1) is not fully supported in North America.”


Carl Pei and his company still haven’t clarified what this line means. Whether the phone never comes to the US market or doesn’t support certain 5G spectrums in the country. The line caused concerns among US customers planning to buy the phone. However, marketing policies may justify Nothing’s decision.

Nothing Phone (1) could stay out of reach of US customers

Also, there is another sign that reinforces the speculations. The company has listed the supported carriers in different regions, like Australia and the UK. But when you check the list, there is no US carrier there. This could be a strong sign that Nothing Phone (1) will never come to the US. In the other markets, the phone will go on sale on July 12.

The ex-co-founder of OnePlus founded the Nothing company. While most Chinese OEMs, like Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi, were out of the US market, OnePlus had the chance to operate in the US. Nothing could turn into a rival to OnePlus.


Finally, if you are planning to buy the Nothing phone, it’s better to start looking for an alternative. As a side note, spending money on a smartphone that isn’t yet available on the market and no one has ever tested it seems odd.

Nothing is not still an established company, and it’s collecting funds from potential investors and fans to build its devices like phones and earbuds. As the company grows and builds more competitive phones, it might shift toward the US market.