New Chrome Tab Could Show Carousel For Recent Sites

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When you open a new tab on Google Chrome, you’re greeted with a grid of your recently visited sites. This hasn’t changed much over the years. However, according to 9To5Google, Google is testing a visual change to this view. The company is testing a carousel view when you open a new Chrome tab.

When you open a new tab on the mobile Chrome app, you’ll see a 4 x 2 grid of the most recent sites you visited. The grid updates as you visit more sites. This makes navigation quicker and easier, as you can just tap on the site rather than having to type in the URL.

Chrome might make the new tab grid a carousel

No app is a stranger to minor visual changes to the UI. Google is planning on making one of these minor updates to the Chrome app. The familiar grid that you see when you open a new tab could be replaced with a carousel. There’s a screenshot provided by 9To5Google that shows this new UI.


In the screenshot, we see just a single line of sites. There are only four sites fully visible on the screen with one of them halfway cut off. This isn’t a huge change, but it does limit how many sites you can see at a time. With the grid, you can see eight of the sites.

Google isn’t only testing this change

We’re not certain if Google is going to just make this change to the new tab view. The company has been testing several UI changes to the new tab view. Weeks ago, Google tested some other changes that saw the recent sites moved and affected.

Because of that, you shouldn’t expect that to be the only change coming to the Chrome Android app. We’ll be able to have a better idea of what Google is doing as time goes on and see more tests.