Netflix Contacts Google And Others For Its Ad Tier

Netflix Logo on Pixel 6

Netflix is starting to become the laughing stock of the streaming industry. The company has been losing a lot of subscribers recently. It’s losing views and app downloads, and it’s looking for ways to turn its fortunes around. According to CNBC, Netflix is looking to companies like Google, Comcast, and other companies to help bolster its ads.

This is all in preparation for the ad-supported plan that the company is getting ready to launch. Right now, Netflix is one of the most expensive services out there per month. This, coupled with the dwindling pool of quality content, is leading to the company losing viewers.

One thing that the platform considered was bringing in a cheaper tier that will show ads during the programming. The ads will help compensate for the lower cost. It’s something that the company was pretty resistant to doing for a while.


But now, Netflix is looking to Google and other companies for ads

Ads exist in just about every corner of the internet, but not many people know where they come from. They have to be hosted through a company before they can clutter your web pages.

Google, for instance, is the largest ads company in the world. Millions of people and businesses give Google money to display ads for their products and services all over the internet. If you see an ad on a website, chances are that it’s hosted by Google.

Netflix is considering Google along with other companies to provide ads for its new cheaper tier. It’s also in talks with Comcast and Roku. Comcast owns NBCUniversal, and that company sells ads to a bunch of entertainment services.


Another service that Netflix is considering is Roku. This company doesn’t have as much of a reach as Google, but it’s a growing brand in the ad space. We’ll have to wait to see which company Netflix will choose. The company that Netflix chooses will influence the types of ads that you see on the service.